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Why invest with us?

  • We’re targeting our investments into a rising RE market sector.
  • Our project timelines range from 3 months* and up to 24 months longer for our more complex property deals.
  • The Affinity Group is made up of groups of small to medium Investors with a minimum requirement of $100k cash to invest.
  • The terms of all our acquisitions are exit focused.
  • Quick resale and profitability after rehab is a key factor in our buying criteria.
  • Every key person to the transaction is an Investor or Partner - skin in the game.
  • All projects have specific performance milestones built into our timelines.
  • Early access for our qualified investors to profitable redevelopment deals.
  • No middlemen deductions or service fees.
  • Transparent and regular monthly and/or milestone reports for each project.
  • We provide a turnkey solution including set up of investor’s LLC if required.

How it works?

  1. Complete our basic Investment form.
  2. One of our experienced consultants will call you to answer any questions.
  3. Show Proof of Funds/Sign Confidentiality Agreement.
  4. Choose and approve your choice of deal from those we send you.
  5. Transfer of investor funds into escrow.
  6. Regular project milestone updates by email.
  7. On completion of project escrow closing, return of funds with return on investment to be submitted per your instructions.

Who We Are?

David Tracey

The Affinity Group represents the partnership interests of property investors who are willing to take the serious financial risk of buying distressed properties and property from distressed owners and who understand the essential requisites of a good deal is when both sides get what they want from it. We’re here to make a profit for our Investors. We believe in win win situations and we’re very experienced at getting to this.
The Affinity Group is led and managed by David Tracey.
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